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Top Best Nails Extension Types You Need to Know

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Top Best Nails Extension Types You Need to Know

Acralic glitter nails by The Benzene Studio

Every Girl wants long and beautiful Nails. Just ask to any your female friend or girlfriend that if she’ll get a chance for nails extension, what will be her first reaction? Actually you know the answer. She must be very happy. That’s why we are providing the complete knowledge about Nails Types and Extension. In this article we are going to tell you each any every things about Nail Types.

Why you should know all these things?

In Today’era polishing your Nails is unfashionable, there are a lot of things to do with Nails nowadays. As everyone knows the fact that the fashion is a thing which varies time to time, and this is a time to decorate your nails and do a lot of stuff with your nails. You should know all 10 types of Nail Extension because it is a tread and everyone in this follows trends and fashion. The Lifestyle nowadays is all about to follow Fashion Trends.

Top 5 Nail Arts Types

So here are list of top 5 Nail Arts Types you should know. Let’s start with number five.

5. Gel Nails

Gel Nails by The Benzene Studio

There are basically two kinds of gel one of them is hard gel and another one is soft gel. Hard gel gets its name because, once cured, it is tough enough to be made into a nail extension. Nail extensions are artificial nails formed by using a nail product to increase the nail past the edge of the natural nail length.

4. Cat Eyes Nails

Cat Eye Nails

Cat Eye Manicures Are the Newest Nail Trend. When you place the magnet over the nail, the iron particles rise toward the surface and stay there due to the thickness of the polish as it dries,” says Michelle Wong, Ph.D.

3. Acralic Glitter Nails

Acralic glitter nails by The Benzene Studio
Acralic glitter nails by The Benzene Studio

Glitter Acrylic NailsGlitter acrylic nails is the latest trend amongst girls Nowadays. Acrylic nails or artificial nails are very popular, especially among those who have small and brittle nails. They are fake nails that are added either to the nail tips, or the entire nail lamina.

2. Bridal nail art

Bridal nail art by The Benzene Studio

The nails are white with two accent designs. One accentnail is all silver glitter and the other has a beautiful crystal embellishment. This would be a stunning idea for thebride. If you are a bridesmaid or are a guest to awedding, then recreate the design with a different nailcolor instead of white.

1. Chrome nails-

Chrome nails by The Benzene Studio

Chrome nails are a metallic, high-polish manicure style that takes reflectiveness and high-polish to new levels. Instead of a traditional metallic nail polish, chrome polish isn’t actually a polish at all. In order to achieve thechrome look, you use a normal base color with a chromepowder applied to them.

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