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Duration : 10 Days

Why you should do Self Makeup Course?

In the bequest of looking good and elegant simultaneously, it becomes imperative to keep abreast with latest trends and fashion. Preeti Arora makes life easier for those who wish to try and implement the correct and appropriate techniques of makeup application by providing the best self makeup classes in Gurgaon.

Being a passionate makeup artist herself, Preeti Arora provides specialized self makeup classes in Gurgaon. It focuses on building up the fundamentals of makeup application. In addition, it imparts a basic knowledge of the varied nature of makeup, depending on the occasion- party makeup, bridal makeup, theme party makeup, holiday makeup, and even every day makeup.

The students are particularly guided and allowed to carry out all the nuances of makeup application- understanding the basics of skip types and shapes, product knowledge, correct foundation application, correction of the imperfections, contouring, highlighting, bringing out the most elegant look (based on the type of occasion- day look, smokey eye look, glitter look), product application and correction, and most importantly, finishing the desired look.

Choosing The Benzene Studioself makeup classes in Gurgaon ends the eternal quest for stunning looks. And the overlying advantage of the classes lies in the fact that while understanding the basics of makeup application, one can easily judge the type of look and products appropriate for an occasion to look elegant.

An unmatched experience in fashion and glamour industry, and a huge satisfied and praising clientele is, in itself, a testimonial of a successful tutor that Preeti Arora is. Her sense of style, with a touch of novelty and an original taste for glamour makes her an undeniable choice of tutor.

Course Content


  • Nude Makeup : Makeup fads come and go — thank goodness! — but some trends, such as the nude makeup look, will never go out of style. If you’ve never tried the look, don’t pack away your cosmetics bag quite yet. It doesn’t mean going without cosmetics — it just means simplifying your makeup color palette, using neutral colors that match your skin perfectly and covering imperfections without looking made up. With this look, eyes and lips take center stage, but in a subtle way, perhaps with a hint of shimmer. To get the look, you must follow one basic rule — the less color, the better. The nude look involves using a few basic, neutral colors, such as rose, beige or peach, and their related shades. Begin with a foundation that is as close to your skin color as possible. Blush should have only a light tint, similar to your natural coloring. When it comes to your lips, go with either a neutral lip gloss or a natural-toned lipstick. Lightly line your eyes, but use a heavier hand with the mascara. The key to monochromatic beauty is to ensure that the products you use complement your natural skin tone, complexion and hair color.
Nude Makeup
  • Office Look : Office make-up – to wear or not to wear, that is the question that plagues many of us. Unless you’re one of those who work for a design house, or have your own business, or something more casual, chances are the corporate environment frowns down upon too much make-up. But you certainly don’t want to look frumpy or dowdy in a few hours, do you? Hear us out, while we tell you how to strike the right balance and learn to look stylish at work without piling on too much or too less office make-up.The online world is filled with dos and don’ts on make-up, but don’t let that worry you. We’ve simplified daily office makeup so it won’t seem like a chore. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro at makeup, these makeup tips are all you need to get the perfect look.
  • Party Makeup : All you need for the perfect party makeup is a makeup kit packed with the best beauty products and a few handy makeup tips. With a hint of colour on your lips, cheek and eyes, you can be sure to make a statement wherever you choose to go. To know how to get a simple yet glamorous party look in less than 30 minutes, Do our Self Makeup Course. For the party makeup look you choose to do, your outfit is as important as the makeup you add to it. However, whatever you decide to wear, the products in your makeup kit should include basics like as a concealer, foundation, kohl blush as well as a sexy lip colour.
Party Makeup
  • Smoky Eye : You absolutely love to acquire that. When it comes to a signature makeup look, smokey eyes is you go to. Of course, the right occasion and technique are quite important for the smokey eye. You must do our self makeup course.


  • Tong Curls
  • Ironing Curls
  • Self Blow Dryer
Self Blow Dryerhttp://www.thebenzenestudio.com

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